Stain Removal

Stain Removal

Worst possible stains to get on your clothes.

Stain removal is a skill we all need to acquire at some point on our lives.The world is without a doubt a filthy place and staying clean can be seen as an impossible task. The best person to interview about the best possible tactics when it comes to stain removal would most likely be any parent you come across. Mother Nature has many tricks up its sleeve to ruin your day with unexpected stains. You will find yourself walking out the door in your crisp white shirt and by the time you reach the office your white shirt is covering in dirt all because you had some bad timing. You then find yourself in a foul mood wondering why you even bothered. That's why we need great cleaning products to tip the scales in our favour. Vanish is up for any task when it comes to stain removal and ready to take on the strongest of stains. 

Some stains are merciless and demand a great deal of effort when it comes to stain removal to get them out of your favourite clothes. They use children, walls and any other objects they can find to latch on to your favourite outfit and never let go. Here is list of some of the toughest stains to get rid of, ranked from mild to worst:


1. Tea and coffee stain removal

Everybody loves a good cup of tea or coffee in the morning to give you that extra boost but sometimes things go array and you accidentally spill some on your shirt. If it's on a white shirt it's just makes things that much worse. The problem with these kind of stains is that they are recurring stains, which you have to deal with probably more than once a week which just makes it that much more annoying. When trying to wash them you have to probably to wash them multiple times, because these types of stains tend to leave a faint yellow ring once they have dried - just when you thought you had succeeded.


2. Ink stain removal

Ink is next on the list because it's one of the sneakiest of stains. A simple mistake such as putting a pen in your pocket in an upside-down position can spell disaster. Ink stains tend to get on everything and remain highly visible. You can get it all over your pocket, lips and hands before you even notice what has happened. It's not a stain which you can quickly rinse out within 5 minutes in the bathroom. You definitely need a change of clothes or a laundry machine somewhere in the office - if only.


3. Grease stain removal

Grease is the subtle killer that normally manifests in a clear blotch on your clothing as if you had just spilt something on yourself. On top of making you look clumsy, it's notoriously hard to clean. You need hot water, soap and some elbow 'grease', scrubbing it till your biceps have nothing left to give.  Its calling card is that strange texture which never seems to leave your hands.


4. Chewing Gum stain removal

Everybody understands the plight of the guy who got warm and sticky chewing gum on his pants. He will probably have to pray that the damage is not so bad that he has to throw his pants away. Chewing gum normally terrorises your shoes - but, if given the opportunity, it will destroy your clothes. Most people are also ill-equipped when they encounter a nasty piece of gum. You will find yourself in a frenzy trying to wipe it off, but instead making it its grip on your clothing stronger. If you know that its kryptonite is cold water/ice cube, and if you have the patience to carefully pick it off with tweezers, good for you. But nobody's got time for that


5. Yellow Underarm stains stain removal

This stain is number none because its normally unavoidable. We can't control all our bodily functions but we can manage them, and that's why body sprays and roll-ons exist. But when it's hot, it's hot, and so we are going to perspire under the ruthless Joburg sun. This stain, if left untreated, hardens and creates a crusty yellow and odorous texture on the underarm areas of your shirts. This is the reason why this combination of horrors sits at number one.


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