Stain Removal for your Delicates

Stain Removal for your Delicates

Stain Removal for Your Delicate Garments

Stain removal can be a touchy subject especially when it come to your delicates. We all have those special garments we treasure that we would just hate to ruin - perhaps it's that new tuxedo you just bought, or the dress you wore as a bridesmaid to your friend's wedding. Other items that are also delicate include underwear, or any other garments that are made up of flimsy or sensitive material or have embellishments or embroidery worked onto the fabric.

7 Steps to ensuring successful stain removal from your delicates:

  1. Always start off with not only grouping like colours together, but also by grouping like fabric types together. This will ensure that no fibers will loosen due to unnecessary friction, tangling with the fibers of other garments and possibly ruining them.
  2. Decide whether you want to hand-wash or machine-wash your delicate garments. A hand-wash is for the particularly delicate items (especially with beadwork or embroidery on the material), while machine-wash is for the items that are slightly tougher while still being delicate (where the fabric is slightly more sensitive than usual, but there aren't any embellishments that could get caught in the machine and ruin your garment).
  3. Once you have decided whether you are hand-washing or machine-washing, fill up either your basin with lukewarm water, or select the half-load washing option on your machine. Use a mild detergent on these delicate items to ensure they do not get warped or damaged during the washing process. If you are hand-washing, swirl the garments gently in your soap and water mixture and try to pay special attention to any spots or stains. If you are machine-washing your garment, make sure that you select a slow-spin cycle with lukewarm water, so that your garments aren't disfigured during the washing cycle.
  4. Once you have carefully washed your delicate garments, leave them to air dry either carefully hung on the washing line, or on a flat surface on a towel. This way you will avoid damaging the fabric any further by putting pressure or stress on the material as it dries. This is also imperative in order to maintain the garment's correct shape and size - if it dries incorrectly, it will be deformed.
  5. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT, be tempted to dry your delicate items in the tumble dryer. The dryer could not only either shrink or stretch your garment, but if any buttons or embellishments get caught on the inside of the machine, your garment could be permanently ruined.
  6. Before possibly ruining a garment by trying to remove a stain with a new stain removal product, always test a patch inside the garment on a seam where nobody will notice if the product does in fact discolour the garment for some reason. Once you are sure that the product will not negatively affect your garment at all, you can go ahead and apply it to the stain as per the instructions on the bottle. If the stain is on a white garment, try Vanish's Crystal White Liquid or the Vanish Crystal White Powder, and if it is a colour garment try our Vanish Power O2 Powder or Vanish Power O2 Liquid Fabric Stain Remover.
  7. Once you have found the stain removal product that works best for your garment, place your clothing item on an old towel or cloth, or even a paper towel. After you have done this, try applying the stain remover and gently dabbing the spot where the stain is (don not rub - this might just spread the stain even further). By dabbing it on top of the paper towel or cloth, the idea is that some of the stain will be absorbed by the material, making the actual washing process that much easier.

To recap: Separate colours and fabrics; do not use water that is at an extremely high temperature; blot stains - do not rub them; and allow them to dry in such a way that the shape of the garment will not disfigure.

For more tips and tricks on how best to take care of you garments and the various different types of fabrics in your home, visit the vanish website.


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