Stain Removal Tips

Stain Removal Tips

Stain Removal Tips - Keeping Your Delicate Items Looking and Feeling Brand New

Stain removal tips for your delicate items are hard to find. Delicate clothing items can so easily be ruined if not properly washed and taken care of. Since these delicate items tend to be expensive, it could be considered a huge waste of money if they are ruined during something as simple as a washing cycle. Read on to find out how best to keep these garments properly clean while still maintaining their "brand new" look.

What is a delicate garment?

Delicate garments are made of sensitive materials such as silk, wool or linen, and are often embroidered or embellished. If these garments are not carefully washed, the high temperature in a washing cycle, or rigorous spinning could damage or tear the sensitive material. If the wrong washing cycle is selected, and it washes the garment too severely, it could also cause the embroidered or embellished area to unravel and become ruined.

Common washing mistakes we all make:

  • You aren't sorting your washing properly - We all know the old "separate the lights from darks" trick, but to further keep your clothes looking good as new, it is important to separate levels of cleanliness before washing too. Wash dirtier clothes of the same colour family together, while washing the less soiled clothes in the next round. This will also help you to select a better washing cycle for the clothes such as a deep clean cycle, or just a regular quick cycle. By doing this, you ensure that fabrics are properly treated according to what they actually need to be clean and fresh when they come out of the machine.
  • You are guilty of over-using your dryer - Try not to use the tumble dryer too often, especially if you plan on stuffing it full to the brim, or turning the heat on too high. If you put too many garments into the dryer at once, they could end up catching on the inside of the dryer and getting damaged, especially if the garment is embroidered or embellished. If the temperature is too high it could shrink or stretch your clothing, so it is best to be extra aware of the settings you use on your machine.
  • You leave jackets unzipped - Leaving the zip open on any garment is dangerous as the teeth of the zipper can easy snag delicate material on another garment, causing irreparable damage to your precious garments.

Top stain removal tips to keep delicate items looking brand new:

  • Always read the clothing label - This will give you clues as to what temperature a certain garment should be washed in, as well as whether or not they should be tumble-dried or ironed. It is worth researching what each symbol on a clothing label means.
  • Always unbutton your garments before washing them. Washing them with the buttons done could put unnecessary stress on the buttons and the buttonholes, and could cause them to loosen before necessary. Take the time to unbutton garments before washing them, and they will last longer.
  • Always double check the colours that you have separated before you toss them into the machine. All it takes is one red sock to ruin a perfectly good batch of whites. Take your time when you separate these garments - it is always better safe than sorry.

When it comes to washing your delicate garments, it is unwise to go through the motions in the same way as you would with your normal garments. Take the time to prepare the garments before washing them by properly separating them according to colour, treating the stains, and making sure they are unbuttoned, zipped up, and have empty pockets. We don't want any stray tissues floating around in the washing machine and sticking onto the outside of clothing items.

Vanish is here to help you make the best of your washing machine, and to take the best care of all your garments, whether delicate or not. You can visit our website here to find out about more tips and tricks to not only make the most out of your washing machine, but also how to properly care for all your garments so that they can last longer.



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