Weekend Adventure: Take A Hike!

When you have a little free time, nothing beats escaping to the countryside and going on an adventure!

When you have a little free time, nothing beats escaping to the countryside and going on an adventure!

A fun pastime that can be enjoyed alone or as part of a group, hiking allows you to take in breathtaking views, smell the fresh air and really appreciate nature along the way.

Suitable for all fitness types, ages and abilities, hiking provides a great workout that you can take at your own pace and has many health benefits.

Wherever you to choose to hike, it's likely you'll come across all manner of obstacles and terrains including mud with grass [AT1] and dust which can leave your hiking gear stained.

Read on for our guide on how to remove the stains you'll likely pick up along the way with Vanish.


Preparing for your hike

When embarking on a hike it's important to have the right equipment to hand and to wear suitable clothing that's lightweight, yet durable.

A good rucksack along with a sturdy pair of hiking boots is a must; while waterproofs will keep you dry should you face adverse weather conditions. Layer up with breathable fabrics and if hiking in winter ensure you have a [AT2] [JW3] warm jacket, warm trousers and a change of clothes.


Different types of hiking terrains

With trails and climbs of varying difficulty to choose from, hiking can be as laid back or as challenging as you'd like - but always with the possibility of stains.


  • Flat or very gently rolling terrain 

Best suited to beginners or those who would prefer a leisurely hike, flat or gently rolling terrain doesn't incorporate any climbs. Whether running alongside a river or lake or through fields, expect to be surrounded by grass with mud or woodland.


  • Moderately hilly terrain 

Usually formed from grass[AT4] [JW5]  and concrete moderately hilly terrain can be as firm as it is steep. Perfect for those who like their hikes with a view, expect to come away from hilly terrain with dust and grass with mud stains.


  • Steep hills

 Not for the faint hearted, steep hills often mean scrambles to the summit. Whether on stone and rubble or snow and ice, high ridge walks come in many varieties. Whatever surfaces your steep hill trail incorporates you're guaranteed to get your hands dirty ensuring you make it to the top!


Treatingcommon hiking stains

As with many outdoor activities, hiking is likely to leave quite the impression on your clothes. Whether that's from jumping across puddles, walking through grass with mud areas or scrambling up a cliff face, stains are proof of your adventure. Thankfully the most common hiking stains are easy to treat with the right products like Vanish.

For these stains mix ½ scoop of Vanish Oxi Action Powder in 4L of water in 40ºC and soak for up to 6 hours, then proceed to normal washing. Add a scoop of Vanish into your wash to ensure perfect results.

You can also get rid of them by mixing ¼ scoop of Vanish Oxi Action Powder with ¾ of warm water until you get a paste. Rub the mixture onto both sides of your stain and leave up to 10 minutes before washing garments as usual.

To remove yellow stains caused by deodorant and sweat, soak your clothes in 4L water along with ¾ scoop of Vanish Oxi Action Powder for 1 hour, rubbing the stain every 15 minutes.   

Wherever you choose to go on a hiking adventure make sure you're fully prepared by following the tips mentioned above, but most importantly, make sure you enjoy yourself. Thanks to Vanish, stains should be the least of your worries.



 [AT1]It must be mud WITH grass because that's what we have claim support on