Vanish Crystal White

Vanish Power O2 Crystal White gives you amazing stain removal and whiter whites 1st time every time


Vanish Liquid White works on all types of stains; from visible stains to smaller stains that are commonly missed and even tough greasy stains which many people think are impossible to remove. It also contains whitening agents that helps whiten your whites in every wash. Add a dose of this liquid to your wash and see the results for yourself!


Washing Machine:

  1. Allow detergent powder to be washed into drum. Then add 100ml of Vanish Liquid White to your normal detergent and was as usual.


  1. Add 10ml of Vanish Liquid White to every litre of water (40°C max).
  2. Leave the item for 6 hours maximum (white clothes only).
  3. After soaking wash as usual or rinse thoroughly.


  1. Apply Vanish Liquid White directly to the stain and rub in gently
  2. Do not allow Vanish Liquid White to dry on the fabric. Wash immediately with your usual detergent. Always rinse garment thoroughly before drying

Important:  Always follow the usage instructions on the Vanish packaging. Do not use on wool, silk or leather. Do not use on finished or coated surfaces - for example wood, metals etc.

Stain removal tips

Here's a top stain removal tip for clothes: To keep your whites white for longer, put Vanish Liquid White into your wash to remove the stain. Try and treat the stain as soon as you can, to avoid a dried-in stain.

Does Vanish remove other tough stains?

Vanish can also help remove tomato sauce stains, as well as get blood stains out of clothes, remove tea stains and eliminate red wine stains.