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Carpet Stain Guide

Stain Removal: It’s Our Cup of Tea

Your ultimate guide to remove stains by the world's second most popular drink: Tea!

Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha: How To Beat Coffee Stains

Everyone falls victim to a coffee spillage now and again. Bumping into a colleague at work with a latte, or a spill while enjoying a late ni…

Carpet Stain Guide

The Benefits of Carpets and Rugs

Every country has its own ways of decorating its floors. In hotter countries you're more likely to find more tile or hardwood floors, but as…

Painting Pitfalls!

Every husband loves doing a bit of DIY, but for every new shelf, bench or paintjob there could be a few spills along the way that could ruin…

Between the Sheets

Beds can be a hotbed of stains, from breakfast in bed gone awry to a general build up of sweat, cleaning your bed sheets and covers can be a…

The Cat's Pyjamas: Caring for a New Kitten

Bringing a new kitten to the home can be a great joy for all involved. Not only do you get a furry pet as company, but you get to watch a ki…

Clothes Maketh the Man

First impressions count, and although it may seem superficial, the way a candidate dresses has a huge impact on whether or not a prospective…

The Rigours of Rugby

Rugby is the ultimate winter sport. From fast paced running, to tough tackles and ball handling, few sports are as tough on people, and on c…

Stain Removal: It’s Our Cup of Tea

Laundry Life Hacks

Doing the laundry can be something of a chore, especially when you come across stains - but that doesn’t mean it has to take up all your tim…

Hardest To Remove Stains on Clothes

Stains can strike at any time and can ruin your clothes, and your day, especially if they land on your favourite item of clothing. Some stai…

Vanish Beach Stains This Summer

Good weather is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your children outside the house and enjoy the sunshine.

Fabrics Decoded

Despite having washed laundry before, nothing can really prepare you for having to deal with an extremely tough stain, no matter what the fa…

Damage Control for Coffee Stains on the Go

A bump or a nudge is all it takes before you’re wearing your coffee on your favourite shirt.

Colour Meanings and Moods –What Do Your Whites Say about You?

Many colours have different meanings, and often the colour you decide to wear can reflect your mood – whether this is subconscious or not.

Create the Perfect Kids Sports Day: Continued

When summer comes, the opportunity to go outside and play in the garden isn’t one to be passed up.