Our best formula in an easy-to-use liquid format. The multi power formula removes stains, eliminates odours and brightens colours whilst giving your laundry a boost in-wash.



  • Removes stubborn stains in a cold wash (30°C).
  • Prevents colour run to keep your clothes looking bright and at their best.
  • Removes odours from deep within the fibres.
  • Provides deep cleaning action, gives your washing a deep clean in-wash.
  • Use on delicates, from your favourite wool jumper to a silk dress.
3X more beneits than bleach*
What It Works On

What It Works On

Use on cotton and polyester colours and whites.

Learn how to remove food and drink stains with Vanish!

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How To Use

Rub directly onto tough stains!

How to Use
  • Apply 2ml of gel and rub into stain using the top of the dosing cap.
  • Leave the gel on the stain for 10 minutes maximum.
  • After soaking, wash in machine as normal. Dose your usual detergent and add a 50ml dose of Vanish Gel.
If in doubt, test on a small, inconspicuous area before full application. Always follow the instructions on the back of the packaging.



Our gel packaging is widely recycled, so when you’re finished make sure you recycle your Vanish Gel bottle and cap so you can give it another life.


It’s advisable to use Whites (liquid or powders) on white clothes as the formulation includes optical brighteners which leaves your clothes 3X brighter and whiter. Pinks is recommended for all colours including black.

You use it with washing powder.

No, Vanish does not contain Chlorine bleach (ingredient found in bleach). Our liquid bottle does state that it does not contain bleach. Therefore it is safe on clothes.

You can use both Powders and Liquids for your clothes, but you can use powders for all types of fabrics excluding wool and silk- use Liquids.

Clothes Live Longer With Vanish

You can give your worn-out clothes a new lease of life by reviving old fabrics, patching holes and upcycling garments into something completely new. With a little help from Vanish, you can get to work treating stains, mending wear-and-tear, and learning how to repurpose clothes to help them live longer lives.
Clothes Live Longer With Vanish