Ice Cream on Carpets

Ice Cream on Carpets


Vanish power O2 carpet & multi fabric


Vanish Large Area Carpet Cleaner

Vanish Power O2 Carpet & Multi Fabric Stain Remover

Step 1:

Remove any residue left on the carpet.

Step 2:

Shake can well and spray from about 15cm from the stain.

Step 3:

Immediately bot with a clean white absorbent cloth and repeat stages 1 - 3 if necessary.

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Expert Tips

If you don't have a Vanish stain removal product to hand then don't worry. We're still able to provide some handy hints on removing stains. Vanish will help you remove the stains even once they have dried-in.

The Ice Cream spillage or stain should be treated as soon as possible so not left to dry.

Remove as much ice cream as possible with a blunt knife or spoon, being careful not to spread it further. Sponge the area that is affected (the sponge should have water on it) working outwards from the centre of the stain. Leave the stain to dry until you have Vanish available and repeat the process using the instructions above.